My name is Michelle de Bruijn. I am a contemplative coach, meditation & breathwork teacher, speaker, and author. 


I have founded Silent State and The Rebellious mind with the intention to make ancient Buddhist psychology accessible by blending it with neuroscientific insights to help people become their own teacher & therapist.


For the most part of my life, I’ve been fascinated by the human psyche and the spiritual path. Suffering from anxiety and a leg of self-love I was determined to break free of the limiting beliefs and disturbing emotions that caused my unhappiness. In that determination, my rebellious mind had woken up.


After many years of practice and study; Bachelor in education, contemplative psychotherapy, and traditional Tibetan Buddhism, I realized my life’s mission is to help others with their mental and spiritual health.


I am grateful for the spiritual and scientific teachers that have influenced my life such as HH the Dalai Lama, Ven Robina Courtin, Joe Loisso, Rick Hanson, and many other spiritual masters.


With the Rebellious mind, I share the wisdom of the mind from Buddhist psychology supported by the newest neuroscientific insights. By bringing the two, meditation and breathwork become practical tools for you to become your own teacher.


With Silent State, I provide immersive experiences rooted by blending visualization meditation practices with music at iconic places. Collaborating with musicians and artists around the world, I’ve have guided mass meditations with thousands of people at once with Silent State Live at festivals, intimate sessions at abundant tropical beaches, in front of the Nightwatch in Rijksmuseum and in the desert of Marocco.