Are you ready to take charge of your mental health and spiritual growth? Do you want to heal old wounds and change unhealthy behavioral patterns that make you feel stuck in life? And do you have the desire to deepen the relationship with yourself and others but do you need guidance to keep you accountable? 

The 1:1 contemplative Innerwork program is a personalized healing journey to fit your unique needs. It will uncover and transform hidden blockages that keep your from living a life at ease and joy. The approach is based on blending ancient wisdom from the East about the working of our mind combined with modern edivedent-based insights from the West about the brain, nerves system and our psyche. This delicate blend of Buddhist psychology, contemplative psychotherapy, innerchild work, transactional analysis and integrative hypnosis will allow you to transform on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

1:1 Contemplative Innerwork program




Give yourself permission to feel your emotions without judgment.

It is hugely liberating.

1:1 Contemplative InnerWork Program is for you if:

⪼    You feel stuck in life and have the desire to break free

⪼You struggle with building healthy relationships because of co-dependency or attachment issues

⪼    You have difficulty to speak your truth and set healthy boundaries

⪼    You tend to overthink or worry about the past and future 

⪼    You have difficulty coping with anxiety or stress

⪼    You repress your emotions because processing them is too overwhelming 

⪼    You want to heal you inner child and empower the adult self

⪼    You struggle with self-judgment and negative self-talk.

⪼    You have a deep desire to change but you sabotage your own healing or growth

⪼    You deal with disturbing emotions such as Shame, Guilt & anger, or fear

⪼    Your spiritual practice is cognitive rather than fully embodied trough your personal experience

⪼    You the merging of the wisdom of the East and modern insight of the west resonate with you

⪼    You want to transform your life and improve your relationships 

⪼    You are ready to welcome easy, joy and happiness